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We also specialise in bringing in performing arts groups and organisations to Ireland and the UK to perform at a number of spectacular venues and festivals, and can provide customised tours that our clients and their participants will never forget.
Soccer packages, Motorcycle tours, School Tours and Special Interest tours including our best selling “Soaps Tour.” We also specialise in bringing in performing arts groups and organisations to Ireland and the UK to perform at a number of spectacular venues and festivals, and can provide customised tours that our clients and their participants will never forget.

Trusted Irish brand for Sports travel.

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Travel agency in Ireland, Home
Travel agency in Ireland, Home
“ I love Ireland. I feel very at peace there. It’s just magical and beautiful”

– Eva Green

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Performing arts groups

We also specialise in bringing in performing arts groups and organisations to Ireland to perform at a number of spectacular venues and festivals, and can provide customised tours that our clients and their participants will never forget.

We are a Licensed and Bonded Travel Agency in Ireland. That reassurance is very important for our customers in today’s challenging environment. Not all operators are licensed. Our Travel Agent license is TA 0612. We are also members of the Irish Travel Agents Association and uphold the highest industry standards.

Travel agency in Ireland, Home

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Through the Emerald Isle: A Day Well-Spent in Ireland

As the sun says, “Hello” in the morning and the morning mist lifts like a tender blanket over the Emerald Isle, the rolling hills of Ireland beckon at you, whispering tales of the old. The moment your feet step on the cobblestone streets of Dublin, the land of James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, you realise that you have already been engulfed by a strange land where history and modernity walk hand-in-hand. All adventures begin in the Emerald Isle: where Trinity College, with its library as old as time itself, houses the Illustrious Book of Kells, boasting of Ireland’s scholarly past; where the Temple Bar along River Liffey sings to the tunes of soulful Irish music; where the Guinness Storehouse teaches everyone to pour the perfect pint. The Emerald Isle teaches you how to live your life like a king. Let us have a little chat about Ireland and all the wonders it has in store for us travellers and daydreamers. Travelling to the Emerald Isle Board a flight: The easiest way to get to Ireland is by hopping on a plane. There are four major international airports in Ireland: Dublin Airport (DUB) Ireland West Airport (NOC) Cork Airport (ORK), and

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Planning a Motorcycle Tour in Ireland? Check Out These Routes!

You have been missing out on an experience of a lifetime if you haven’t experienced a motorcycle tour in Ireland yet. With the unforgettable Irish landscapes constantly by your side, it is a memory that stays with you for years to come. Moreover, the nearly empty roads, courteous drivers who will stop to let you pass, as well as the abundance of pubs to choose from when you’re done riding your bike at the end of the day, are more than enough reasons to plan your motorcycle trip in Ireland today! A céad míle fáilte await you in Ireland! 5 best routes for motorcycle tours in Ireland that you just can’t miss! Motorcycles aren’t just a hobby for two-wheel enthusiasts—they’re a way of life. There’s no better location to be when it comes to the landscape of Northern Ireland, where an open road and a breathtaking backdrop come together to provide an amazing experience. Can’t wait for the ultimate ride? Look out for one of these routes. Antrim Coast Road: From Cushendall to Carrickfergus Let us begin with the Antrim Coast Road, one of the world’s most stunning coastline routes! Travelling the 30 miles between Larne and Cushendall, to the

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Prepare for your Ireland holiday with these useful travel blogs written by experts. Be inspired and get tips so you know what to expect when you visit.

Travel agency in Ireland, Home

Best Travel Agents in Ireland

Do you wonder what makes us one of the best travel agents in Ireland? Is it our ethos to deliver all exclusive travel itineraries with all-inclusive solutions? Or the fact that we have been excelling at doing so for nearly three decades now? It could be for our future-centric sustainable travel policies that make you and us travel with a smaller carbon footprint. Or the fact that we give you the best prices on iconic international travel packages for both inbound and outbound markets.

We believe that we are among the top Irish travel agents by understanding the dreams and purposes behind each journey. For nearly three decades, we have been evolving with the journey of life, learning new trends in the contemporary travel industry, and setting benchmarks with our expertise and knowledge.

We create journeys that bridge gaps between travel itineraries and real-life experiences. Strengthen business and cultural relationships with cohesive cross-border sports tourism or professional performing arts travel. Transform touring groups’ holiday packages with over 40 holiday packages into a voyage of discovery that is seamless and free from the distractions of typical travel-oriented management chores. Travelling with one of the top travel agencies like us is about enjoying true freedom while restoring a sense of belonging.

Quintessential Ireland Travel Deals for Group Tours

For many, the journey toward their travel goals and dreams begins with budgeting. It is common to have dedicated savings plans to make those dreams a reality. We do the budgeting to make our journeys most worthwhile. Celtic Tours stands as the most trusted travel agent in Ireland, offering thrilling deals on premium European holiday experiences for travellers heading out or coming in. Explore organised group tour packages for over 40 people. We’ve partnered with some top-notch holiday companies in Ireland and the UK, ensuring you get the best deals on accommodation, return travel fares, and local experiences.

Let us be your guide to unlocking incredible adventures and unforgettable journeys. Whether it’s traversing domestic or international tours, Celtic Tours ensures you experience the essence of your dreams at every step of your travels.

Uncover the untamed beauty and rich traditions of the Celtic nations on our small group tours. From ancient stone circles and medieval villages to vibrant music and cuisine demonstrations, immerse yourself in the magic of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, Brittany, and Galicia. Explore our domestic & international tour packages today!

Travel Sustainably with Celtic Horizon Tours Travel Agency

How can we travel more sustainably? As a leading Irish travel agency, we at Celtic Horizon Tours ask ourselves this question every day. We are committed to opening up broader opportunities for Irish travellers to reconnect with the environment as they explore new cultures and new experiences, discover amazing locations, and visit world-famous events. We have developed a sustainability policy that brings us social responsibilities on a wider scale. From green working ethics and eco-friendly organised group tours to energy-efficient practises and making conscious decisions to reduce carbon footprints, our choices define our credibility as one of Ireland’s most eco-conscious travel agents.
Escape the ordinary with Celtic Horizon Tours’ expertly crafted holiday packages in 2024 showcasing the rugged beauty and rich cultures of Ireland and the UK.

Our philosophy of responsible travel is based on our ongoing assessment of trends and guidelines in sustainable tourism and our practical, field-based efforts to reduce the environmental impact for us and our clients. Be a part of our sustainable travel culture and help us flourish as a community.
Travel Ireland and the UK like never before. We are Celtic Horizon Tours and we create unforgettable experiences. We are one of the top travel agencies in Ireland to offer guided sports tourism and soap tours in the UK. We also curate custom itineraries for performing arts groups, motorcycle adventurers and schools. Visit breathtaking locations in the UK and Ireland. Embark on a journey full of good moments and enlightening discoveries.

Trusted Irish Brand For Curated International Tour Packages

Imagine personalised tours of Ireland and the UK, where you can connect directly with our agents to design the perfect itinerary that works for you. Customise activities, venues, schedules, and many other specifics. Plan your next trip to Ireland and the UK, including the best of natural, urban and cultural experiences. Explore our travel plans, or contact us for a personalised guide.

Irresistible Travel Deals and Holiday Packages for Every Traveller

After a long dip during the pandemic years, we sprung back into action with our new vibrant Ireland Travel Deals in 2024. These are specially designed travel plans to suit the different dynamics and budgets of travellers. The good thing is that these are customisable and flexible to make, in the modern realm of curated travel.
Our introductory Ireland Travel Deals 2024 are always improving and will be perfected in the years to come. What will not change is what we are meant to achieve for travellers who travel Ireland and the UK with the preconceived notion that travel is only meant for the monied masses. We welcome everyone.
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