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At Celtic Horizon Tours our experience in motorcycle tourism speaks for itself and the fact that we are a fully licensed and bonded Tour Operator both in Ireland and the UK gives you financial peace of mind. Our range of tours has something for everyone. We offer tours in Ireland, Scotland and Wales right through to the US including; Route 66, Wild West, The Pacific Coast, The Gulf Coast, Florida Keys and Sturgis!

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Motorcycle Tour Packages In Ireland—Now Ride With Us!

When it comes to motorcycle tours in Europe, Celtic Horizon Tours offers the best motorcycle tour packages to visit, explore and experience the most fascinating sites in and around. We ensure our customised motorcycle tour packages are one of the best experiences of your lifetime. We offer both guided and self-guided motorcycle tours Europe & the UK. If it’s love being a part of tourist groups and exploring different cities, then connect with Celtic Horizon Tours for the best motorcycle tour in UK & Ireland. Here are a few favourite destinations that we do include in the motorcycle tour packages:


The touring groups would love Dublin, which is the friendliest and most laid-back city. This magnificent old town was a Viking settlement and has a spectacular backdrop to the skyline. The colourful and vibrant urban life of Dublin is worth exploring, with countless pub. After finishing the motorcycle tour, consider crawling into one of the pubs to let your hair down.


Most of the motorcycle tours Europe packages have added Galway to their list, and this is because the city has a festive culture, a dynamic lifestyle, and is perfect for recharging, exploring, and immersing yourself in the Irish lifestyle. Galway is an excellent place for foodies wishing to try out new culinary delights.


If you are planning a motorcycle tour in the UK, then this cultural region is most loved by motorcyclists and should not be missed. The quiet country roads and the sleepy villages are a biker’s haven. Admire the endless greenery and multiple peninsulas and inlets that form the coastal region of Connemara.

Atlantic way

The longest and most spectacular coastal roads in Europe are definitely the pride and joy of the people of Ireland. At Celtic Horizon Tours, we offer motorcycle tours in Europe, and this spot should not be missed. The fishing villages, thatched cottages, and dreamy islands are the best highlights for touring groups.


Looking for a motorcycle tour in Ireland? Then, this place should not be missed and needs to be on your list. Surrounded by green hills and a national park, it’s a fantastic place for riding motorcycles and enjoying the countryside. At Celtic Horizon Tours, we can customise your tour packages and make the ride all the more enjoyable.

Why choose Celtic Horizon Tours?

Unrivalled knowledge: We have a dedicated motorcycle tour coordinator with unrivalled local knowledge and years of experience in Ireland to offer you a customised itinerary for meeting the exact needs of your group.

Make things easier for you: Our motorcycle trip organiser ensures that things are easier for you. We customise the trips to ensure you have a thrilling and enjoyable experience all throughout the ride.

Value for your money: Our team is committed to bringing you the best trips that ensure you get value for your money spent. We ensure every penny counts, and the motorcycle tours in the UK & Europe become a memorable experience for the entire group.

Risk management guidance: When you organise a trip with Celtic Horizon Tours, you are in safe hands. We have a risk management plan to help you manage the group and ensure safety on the trip.

Peace of mind: Our tour organisers ensure that your team has complete peace of mind while travelling with us. Our trip organisers have years of experience and understand how to manage touring groups, ensuring safety for all.

As a leading motorcycle tour organiser in Ireland, Celtic Horizon Tours has built a great reputation in the market. Our job is to make the experience memorable and our customers happy. To learn more about our motorcycle tour packages across UK & Europe, connect with our team today.

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