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From marching bands and orchestras to choirs, dance companies, and everything in between, Celtic Horizon Tours specialises in performing arts travel. Our team, made up of professionals from across the Irish travel, music, and education industries, are highly experienced and perfectly placed to provide customised tours that our clients and their students will never forget.

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Performing Arts Packages

Expert-Led Performing Arts Tour Operators in Ireland

According to UNESCO, dance, theatre, and music are vital for cultural promotion and performing arts tourism strongly contributes to it. Tourism operators often serve as orchestrators, reviving traditional performing art forms for intangible cultural heritage and giving performing arts experiences a meaningful “market value” in the tourism industry. Celtic Horizon Tours, as a leading performing arts tour operator in Ireland, welcomes artists, groups and organisations to experience our escorted tour packages when visiting events, festivals and competitions in Ireland. We build solid alliances with our clients by offering personalised itineraries and life-changing experiences that influence happiness and satisfaction and heighten the artistic perceptions of visiting Ireland.

Every Performer's Journey to Ireland - A Cultural Confluence

Our performing arts tour packages connect artists with a wider audience of Irish locals and foreign tourists through a variety of core and supplemental services. We conduct fully escorted, custom-designed tours for small and large artist groups visiting either a single city in Ireland or having an elaborate schedule for visiting multiple locations across the nation. Every journey is managed for the utmost convenience, comfort and cultural experience.


Music performers have a wide range of requirements, especially safe travel with expensive musical instruments. We have allied a strong client base with choral groups, marching bands, drum and bugle corps,  visiting Ireland, and those going out of Ireland to perform in another country. Our choral groups’ tour packages showcase the best of Western culture and are one of the most popular overseas programmes we curate. We also offer American marching band tour packages and Canadian marching band tour packages.


We’re delighted to present Irish Dancing Packages as one of our featured services, where we curate escorted tours for local Irish performers, taking them beyond the local pubs and venues and to other regions and countries in the EU, USA, and Canada. We also welcome dance troupes and organisations visiting Ireland to have the most secure and comfortable time throughout their stay in the country, especially when they have multiple locations to perform in, and need a custom itinerary to support their journey to the fullest.


Our St. Patrick’s Day parades will be complete with the visiting marching bands from America and Canada. Celtic Horizons American marching band tour packages have catered to the prestigious Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps from Massachusetts. We have some amazing stories about our DCI fan experiences and also some of the immersive experiences out of our Canadian choir’s tour packages.

Inclusions In Celtic Horizons' Performing Arts Tour Packages

Celtic Horizon’s performing arts tour packages are not only about giving artists complete management while travelling for work; we also want our clients to have cultural control. We take them on a communal voyage into the core of Celtic culture by organising an escorted tour packages to showcase amazing performances and also create channels for artists to engage with local audiences, fans and traditional and contemporary artists as a means to explore and give back to the multivariate world of art.

Expert Guidance

Our knowledgeable tour guides are committed to ensuring your trip is enjoyable and educational. They have a strong passion for Celtic culture. Our guides are dedicated to ensuring that every traveller has an amazing experience, from offering sage commentary during sightseeing excursions to making tailored recommendations for exploring each destination.

Flexible Itineraries

Tour packages are available for performing arts groups to fit into different interests, timetables, and price ranges. Visiting clients also need to include certain leisurely activities, recreations and special attractions that we gladly include in the tour packages, flexibly, making each experience close to the heart of our client and each member of the group.

Comfortable Accommodation

Performing art groups need conveniently situated accommodations near the locations they are performing. Sometimes big groups of performers need to stay away in separate hotels and need convenient travel to and from each lodging. We plan and manage every part, and select accommodations very carefully so that the comfort, convenience or safety of visitors are never compromised. From grand 5-star hotels to cosy B&Bs, we have a planned and managed selection for setting you up with the choice of your lodgings throughout your journey.

Start Your Performing Journey in Ireland with Celtic Horizon Tours

We pride ourselves on our flexibility and capacity to arrange all aspects of your journey so you can travel and explore with all the details smoothly taken care of. We strive to offer the finest small-group cultural tours. If you have any questions, please get in touch. We’ll be delighted to help. Celtic Horizon Tours is a licenced and bonded tour operator in Ireland and a member of the Irish Travel Agents Association. We maintain the best standards in the business. Partner with us to make your performing arts travels a wonderful experience in Ireland.

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