Sustainability policy | Celtic Horizon Tours protects the environment


Celtic Horizon Tours sustainability policy states the conscious decisions taken to protect the environment and lessen carbon footprint by the company and its business and tours.

Group travel

Celtic Horizon Tours specialise in group travel by coach and ferry. The business model of coach tourism is more carbon efficient than many competing models.  Passengers travelling by coach create a 50% smaller carbon footprint on the Island of Ireland than those visitors who travel independently.  Organised package tours including travel to the regions, spreading visitor numbers and revenue with longer stays.

Ethical Purchasing

  • All staff members are recruited within close proximity to the company office reducing carbon emissions and traffic congestion.
  • Office lighting has been changed to more energy efficient LED
  • Water usage is reduced in toilets
  • Paper Recycling
  • Think before print policy with paper
  • Close working relationship with suppliers and services to ensure partnership with sustainability aware and compliant clients.
  • Implementing a greener procedure in the office and these efforts will be ongoing. “Green Team”. (Turn off lights when not in room and shut down computers and printers after working hours/encourage staff to reduce, reuse and recycle (stop use of single-use plastics)

Social Responsibility

Celtic Horizon Tours specialise in arranging programmes for performance arts groups from Northern America to Ireland. Included within this is a policy of continued investment by Celtic Horizon Tours in local communities, parishes and schools. Annual company sponsorship to local music schools, bands and academies. Joint Collaboration with local choirs, school groups and church choirs with payment to reinvest and flourish.  Exchanges with sports teams in various communities encouraging sportsmanship and community developments. Visiting groups to parishes across the country giving financial support to building funds, organ restorations and choir investments. Visitor attractions include; sheep farm experiences, jaunting carts, Kylemore Abbey restoration all experiences that support and protect their environments. All of these activities offset the negative environmental impact of visitors travel to Ireland and around the island.

Continuous Improvement

The company is at the start of its sustainability journey like many others will continue to seek out ways to improve how we treat nature and the world around us.
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