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Through the Emerald Isle: A Day Well-Spent in Ireland

As the sun says, “Hello” in the morning and the morning mist lifts like a tender blanket over the Emerald Isle, the rolling hills of Ireland beckon at you, whispering tales of the old. The moment your feet step on the cobblestone streets of Dublin, the land of James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, you realise that you have already been engulfed by a strange land where history and modernity walk hand-in-hand. All adventures begin in the Emerald Isle: where Trinity College, with its library as old as time itself, houses the Illustrious Book of Kells, boasting of Ireland’s scholarly past; where the Temple Bar along River Liffey sings to the tunes of soulful Irish music; where the Guinness Storehouse teaches everyone to pour the perfect pint. The Emerald Isle teaches you how to live your life like a king.

Let us have a little chat about Ireland and all the wonders it has in store for us travellers and daydreamers.

Travelling to the Emerald Isle

Board a flight: The easiest way to get to Ireland is by hopping on a plane.

There are four major international airports in Ireland:
  • Dublin Airport (DUB)
  • Ireland West Airport (NOC)
  • Cork Airport (ORK), and
  • Shannon Airport (SNN).
Hop on to a Ferry:

You can also catch the ferry from England to Ireland. It is way cheaper than a flight if you are travelling from England. There is just one ferry route that takes you from Liverpool to Dublin. It runs more than 15 trips every day and is operated by P & O Irish Sea.

Other ways:

If you like road trips often, you can, of course, drive around Ireland from any one of the airports. Nevertheless, no matter how you decide to come to Ireland, do not forget your visas and passports.

Rugged Coastlines: County Clare and the Cliffs of Moher

Situated 166 miles away from Dublin, it takes 3 hours for travellers to reach the Cliffs of Moher from Ireland. With each passing moment, it gets harder to move your eyes away from the roaring waves of the mighty Atlantic Ocean crashing against the towering cliffs. As you move on to your next destination, the Cliffs of Moher carve into your heart the timelessness of the Land of Saints and Scholars.

The Enchanted Connemara

Connemara is sure to remind you of the picture of Middle Earth that Tolkien portrayed for us. With trails that you can walk on foot to Connemara National Park, you can spend quite some time in this place.

Sunsets in the City: The Irish Evening

When the sun begins to set, with the last light strewn across the waters, you can make your way back to the city. Dublin waits for you with an evening full of fun and frolic, music and magic. Apart from the numerous bars lined up for you with famous Irish whiskeys and the local poteen, you will find a lot of fun activities to take part in. A series of spooky adventures await you atop the Ghostbus, a frighteningly fun tour that takes you around the city in search of paranormal tales and hidden graveyards. If you have always wanted to go stargazing, Kerry International Dark Sky Reserve in County Kerry is your place. Owing to the lack of lights in the remote part of this island, one can see constellations and planets in the sky. Stargazing tours are also arranged here!

Echoes of the Emerald Isle: A Day to Remember

When you see the city lights blurring at a distance at the end of the trip, you will realise that it is quite difficult to bid adieu to the warm hospitality of Ireland. The soulful Irish tunes refuse to fade from your heart long after they have stopped lingering in your ears. Ireland is not just a tourist spot; it is a state of mind, a vibrant energy, the memories of which you can carry in your heart for years to come, until next time!

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