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Formula 1

Now you can watch the world championship race - LIVE!

Did you know that each F1 Grand Prix race draws millions of spectators to witness the world's daring drivers push technology to its limits? If you crave the thrill of being at the heart of the action, connect with Celtic Horizon Tours to experience the excitement of Formula 1 firsthand.
Celtic Horizon Tours offers customized Formula 1 tour packages, providing you with the opportunity to witness the exhilarating races and visit iconic destinations for a truly memorable experience. Our well-escorted tours and ticket packages ensure you receive top-notch hospitality throughout your journey.
Experience the speed, glamour, and drama of Formula 1 with our bespoke packages that cater to your every need. Designed by passionate sports fans, our packages offer an adrenaline rush without breaking the bank. Select your desired race and embark on a trip of a lifetime with Celtic Horizon Tours.
As one of the leading Formula 1 tour operators, Celtic Horizon Tours specializes in providing tailored holiday packages that combine thrilling races with unforgettable travel experiences. Whether you prefer city breaks or fully escorted tours, we ensure your time at the destination is safe, enjoyable, and memorable.
The start of the Formula 1 racing season is like an invitation to the world's most glamorous parties, and watching the races live is a delight in itself. From nighttime races to classic circuits, Celtic Horizon Tours can arrange the perfect getaway that brings you closer to the action.

Why Choose Us?

Experience: With years of experience in offering bespoke tours, Celtic Horizon Tours understands the unique needs of sports enthusiasts and travelers alike.
Value for Money: Our tour packages offer great value without compromising on quality, ensuring you have an enjoyable and affordable experience.
Reputation: Celtic Horizon Tours has a stellar reputation for delivering impeccable service and prioritizing the safety and privacy of our customers. Our tour packages are designed to meet the budget, experience, and amenity requirements of each group.
If you're looking for a hassle-free F1 weekend filled with excitement, look no further than Celtic Horizon Tours. Choose from our extensive range of F1 packages and make your stay an unforgettable one.
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