• Important - Please Read!

    The following information may affect your booking - so please read carefully before continuing.
    • Please note itinerary is subject to change
    • It is the responsibility of each person to be on time for all coach connections, coaches will not wait for latecomers
    • It is illegal to smoke on coaches.
    • Consumption of Food and Alcohol is NOT permitted on board any Coach.
    • All alcohol must be stored underneath with the baggage.

    People are responsible for the safety of their own personal belongings. Celtic Horizon Tours, its Agents, Suppliers and Staff will not be liable for any loss, damage or theft of such belongings.

    Important: ITV reserve the right to cancel Coronation Street Studio Tours with 48hrs notice should filming requirements so demand. Whilst cancellation is very rare, it may be unavoidable. Should this happen you will be offered a choice of an alternative Coronation Street & Emmerdale Tour or a full refund. No other compensation will be available.