, Second Time Arounders – FAQ

What are the dates of the Rounders basic Ireland trip?

March 14 -19, 2022. Please consult the Rounders website for daily detail.

Can I extend my Ireland trip beyond the dates of the Rounders basic package?

Since air travel is a personal decision, it will be easy for you to do your own pre- or post-travel in Ireland or Europe. Celtic will offer sets of excursions for you to consider to extend the trip as well as work with you to personalize your individual tour.

How do I make payments and to whom? Is there a schedule for payments?

Please consult the Rounders website on this. Payments will be done by credit card through a special Rounders travel landing page. You can find this link on the Rounders website or follow this link:

Celtichorizontours.com/secondtimearounders2022/ Registration fee of $50 due by Jan 1, 2021.

Full cost of trip approx. $1350 per person which may change slightly due to possible changes in the value added tax in Ireland as well as monetary exchange rates fluctuations. All pricing will be converted from Dollars to Euros..

What if I have to cancel my trip?

Trip is fully cancellable/refundable until Dec 10, 2021. If between Dec 10 and March 14 you need to cancel, you may transfer or sell your travel package to another traveler.

How does the COVID-19 epidemic figure into the Band’s travel plans and what are the financial risks in making early payments?

All monies deposited will be fully refundable through Dec 10, 2021. Between Dec 10 and March 14, there is a highly protective force majeure clause n the Band contract with Celtic Horizon Tours which protects your deposit for refund in the event the band cannot travel because of a major deleterious event such as a new Covid outbreak as well as other “Act of God” events outside the control of the Rounders or Celtic Horizon Tours.

Can I make Customized tours with Celtic Horizon Tours?

The basic trip is set, but there will be excursion options offered by Celtic Horizon Tours. You may also customize your individual pre- and post-Rounders trip with Celtic Horizon Tours.

I would like to include my family on this trip. What are my options for housing them in Dublin?

Please consult the website which addresses additional persons per room and tagalong cost. Celtic Horizon Tours is your best contact for individual family or group concerns.

What if I want to stay at a different hotel, can I still take advantage of the other elements of the Rounders basic tour package?

Celtic will have a ground non-hotel package for those who wish to use points or choose another hotel. Pricing for the ground package is still to be determined at this point. (11/24/20) Airport Shuttle service will be to and from the Clayton Hotel only.

Will transportation to events be arranged for “Tagalongs”?

Yes, it is part of the basic trip package. If you decide not stay at the Clayton Hotel, be aware that all transportation services begin and end at the Clayton. It will be your responsibility to get yourself to the Clayton to move with the band.

A word of caution. Since the last time we traveled to Dublin, the world has changed and security around the parade staging area and route is a lot tighter. Moving outside of the group may be problematic in acquiring access to the parade route.

Can I pick which Rounder events to participate in?

No. The performance events and dinners etc. are a fixed part of the package.

Will there be shuttle service from our hotel to Dublin City Center for use during our free time?

No. We chose the Clayton hotel because of easy access to public transport for the quick ride to City Center and also for its easy walkability to downtown. A concierge will be happy to assist with directions. Dublin City Center is less than a half mile, a pretty 15-minute walk. The hotel is close to public transportation pickup/drop-off points and of course cabs are also an option.

Will there be excursions offered for our free time?

Yes. For the free afternoon, there will be a couple of excursions offered. More to come on that. Info is on website.

Will there be Airport shuttle service to and from the Rounders hotel?

Yes, it is included in the basic package. Since everyone will be arranging their own flights, we will need to notify Celtic of our arrival schedule so that transport can be coordinated. Shuttle service to and from the Clayton Hotel only.

Is there parking available at the hotel?

There is parking at the hotel, but it is paid parking, even for residents.

Is travel insurance included?

Travel insurance is not included. Since this is for international travel, we recommend you get it for the flight and ground expenses

How do I transport my instrument to Ireland?

Included in the Rounders Package price is transport of Rounders instruments and equipment via special transport through a forwarding agent which will include all transportation fees. For smaller instruments and equipment, we still recommend including those items in your personal luggage.

Do I need a Passport or Visa?

Yes, a valid passport is required to enter and depart Ireland. Your passport must be valid six months after visiting Ireland, so double check this. Visas are not needed for travel to Ireland. Please visit the US Travel site for additional information.

What is the time zone?

Ireland operates on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is 5 hours ahead of Eastern Time.

What is the language?


What are average temperatures in March?

Average 48 – 55 degrees and can be rainy.

What is the currency and where do I get it? Do they take US Dollars?

Dublin’s currency is the Euro, however. Northern Ireland uses the British Pound. Visa and Master Card are accepted everywhere. If you wish to use another card, double-check to be sure it is accepted in Ireland. Discover Card is not and American Express is spotty. Ireland does not accept US Dollars. A good practice is to check with your bank and see if they offer currency exchange before you leave for Ireland. Irish banks require an account to exchange money, this is due to money laundering legislation. While in Ireland if you should need some walking around money, ATMs are your best bet and at the best rate. Another best practice is to use a Visa or Mastercard for purchases. The card company will do all the conversions for you.

Do I need an electrical adaptor or converter?

The voltage in Ireland is 230V, 50Hz. The electrical plugs have three square pins. You will need an adaptor and voltage converter.

Will my cell phone work in Ireland?

Yes, you will need to call your service provider and request them to set up your account for international travel.

Will I have internet access?

Yes, the hotel property will have wireless internet connections in the sleeping rooms as well as internet connections available in public spaces.

Do I need any vaccinations?

No. While there are no vaccination regulations at this time, it may be possible that a Covid vaccination or testing be required for international travel. As these rules evolve, we will keep you apprised.

How close is the nearest Hospital?

The nearest General Hospital is St Vincent’s, approx. 1 1/2 miles away. It would be a good idea to check with your health insurance company to see what kind of coverage you have when outside the United States.

Is it safe?

Yes. As always, don’t let your personal belongings out of your sight and avoid using unofficial or unmarked taxis during the night. Also avoid exchanging currency in the street or carrying large sums of money.

Can I pay by check?


  1. It takes about six weeks for a check from the States to clear in Europe and when it does there is a very large fee for the transaction
  2. Because this is an international transaction the exchange rate can change almost daily thus the amount you think you are sending could be devalued


Can I pay by wire transfer?

  1. There is a substantial fee each time you do a wire transfer
  2. Again monetary exchange rate is in play here
  3. Tracking your payment from your bank to Celtic is difficult because of the abbreviations of the sender’s information from the bank, making it very easy to misappropriate your payment.

So in the end credit card is the most secure, timely and cost-effective transaction mode.