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Route 66
Route 66
Route 66

The Big Sky Country Tour

This once in a lifetime journey takes you from the emerald waters of Seattle, Washington through the visual splendor of the Cascade Mountains before ascending the Canadian Rockies to bask in the natural beauty of Lake Louise and Banff, Alberta. From Canada we will cross back into the United States through the razor sharp peaks of Glacier National Park and the majesty of Yellowstone National Park and her most cherished treasure, "Old Faithful". Our journey culminates with a ride through one of the most stunning landscapes in the United States, Rocky Mountain National Park, before ending in beautiful mile high city of Denver, Colorado.

Sunday 13th August 2017
  • The Big Sky Country Tour Canadian Rockies and National Parks
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Package Includes

No of touring days: 14 days
No of nights in package: 17 nights
Arriving airport: Seattle, WA
Departing airport: Denver, CO

Please note you arrive back in Ireland the day after the last day of the tour.

  1.     Return flights
  2.     Airport transfers 
  3.     Welcome & farewell dinners
  4.     Late Model Motorcycle Rental
  5.     Bike Model Guarantee
  6.     White Water Rafting                                                      
  7.     Fuel on Riding Days                             
  8.     Custom Riding Jacket                         
  9.     Breakfast on Riding Days                 
  10.     Experienced Tour Guide
  11.    Support Vehicle Equipped for Luggage and Spare Bike
  12.    Support Vehicle Driver
  13.    Leather-Bound Custom Road Book
  14.    EagleRider Custom Motorcycle Maps
  15.    Custom Tour Completion Patch
  16.    National Park Entrance Fees                            
  17.    Hotel Parking Fees
  18.    Additional insurances -  In the US the basic insurance when hiring a motorcycle is like our third party and covers the minimum liability in each State which can be as low as $15,000 in some States.  The Supplementary Limited Insurance (SLI) increases your cover to $1m while the Extra Vehicle Insurance Protection (EVIP) covers  damage to the motorcycle and limits your liability to $1,000.  Both are included in the package. 



 Your own personal travel insurance


1 person / 1 bike / 1 room   -  €10,894

2 people / 1 bike / 1 room -   €6,499 per person    (total per couple €12,998)

2 people / 2 bikes / 1 room – €9,131 per person   (total per couple €18,262)

Hotel Options

Canadian Rockies to Yellowstone Motorcycle Tr, - Ph: -

Selection of three / four star hotels for the 17 night motorcycle tour.


Day 1 Depart Dublin  

Air France / KLM / Delta

Outbound – Dublin – Amsterdam 08.50-11.25  AMS – Seattle 12.50-14.15


Day 2 Seattle 

Day at leisure in Seattle


Day 3 Seattle, WA 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

Welcome to one of the most beatiful cities in the United States, Seattle, Washington. Enjoy a long leisurely stroll down the famed Seattle waterfront, enjoy a ferry ride on Elliot Bay, visit the Space Needle, or try your hand throwing salmon at the world famous Pike's Place Market. Tonight we will take in a great dinner at a local landmark restaurant.


Day 4 Seattle, WA to Winthrop, WA 235.0 mi / 376.0 km

Today we say goodbye to the City of Seattle and quickly make our way to some of the most beautiful back roads in the State of Washington. Highway 9 is a Northwest treasure that winds through the carnation and tulip fields as we head north towards the Mt. Baker and North Cascades National Parks. Highway 9 drops us off at the North Cascades Highway as we head east through what is quite literally some of the most stunning scenery south of the Canadian Rockies. Our stop for the night is the small western town of Winthrop, Washington where we will sit along the river sipping an ice cold drink or glass of wine and reflect on the incredible day we just shared.


Day 5 Winthrop, WA to Kamloops, BC 317.0 mi / 507.2 km

We'll enjoy our morning coffee along the river before heading north and crossing the border into the heart of Canada's wine country, Oliver, B.C. After crossing the border, we will explore roads that wind through the grape vines, and lunch along the shores of Canada's beautiful Lake Okanogan. From here we head northwest, riding through the majestic mountains rising in the distance as we make our way to our home for the night in Kamloops, B.C. where we will enjoy some Canadian hospitality.


Day 6 Kamloops, BC to Jasper, AB, Canada 292.0 mi / 467.2 km

Today we head towards Alberta, and the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Our ride will take us along the north Thompson River on the beautiful Yellowhead Highway. There is a good chance of seeing eagles, deer and moose along this stretch, as well as stopping to take in the stunning waterfalls near Clearwater. We will also enter Mt. Robson Provincial Park for a stunning view of the 5000’ Emperor Face on Mt. Robson. From here, our ride will take us to the heart of Jasper National Forest and the great mountain village of Jasper, Alberta. Jasper holds a special place in our hearts as it marks the beginning of Canada's amazing Route 93, or Icefield Highway, that runs from Jasper to the breathtaking lakeside village of Lake Louise, Alberta.


Day 7 Jasper, AB to Banff, Alberta, Canada 217.0 mi / 347.2 km

Get ready to ride a stretch of highway that the EagleRider team would definitely rank among the top ten motorcycle rides in North American. Canada's Highway 93, also known as the Banff - Jasper Highway, takes us along glacial peaks and across some of Canada's most stunning ice fields. Today promises to be one of the great riding days of your life, guaranteed! Tonight we enjoy the vibrant Rocky Mountain village of Banff, Alberta, known for friendly people, good food and great nightlife.


Day 8 Banff, AB to Waterton Lakes, Alberta, Canada 240.0 mi / 384.0 km

This trip seems to be leading our group from one incredible destination to the next, and today promises to continue with that theme. Waterton Lakes National Park is on the Canadian side of Glacier National Park, one of the most visually stunning places in North America. In Waterton we will enjoy a quiet, serene afternoon and evening on the glassy waters of a crystal clear lake. It is hard not to feel as if you are becomming a part of this place. Soak it in. This is what life is all about.


Day 9 Waterton Lakes, AB to Whitefish, MT 146.0 mi / 233.6 km

What better way to welcome our group back to the United States than with a ride through the amazing vistas of Glacier National Park. Glacier, the nations's 10th National Park, is known for its deep glacial valleys and rugged peaks. For motorcycle enthusiasts, it is simply an assault on the senses and offers some excellent riding terrain. Traffic is light in Glacier National Park, especially on the undiscovered roads that the EagleRider team travels. Our only delay as we ride through Glacier is likely to be a herd of Bighorn Sheep crossing the road to graze in a fresh mountain meadow.


Day 10 Whitefish, MT to Fairmont Hot Springs, MT 240.0 mi / 384.0 km

As we leave the stateside Glacier National Park, we turn our bikes southeast through Glacier National forest towards Bozeman Montana. We will stick to the two-lane roads, passing by lakeshores and through the cattle country that defines this area. A stop for lunch in the small, pioneering town of Ovando will give you a chance to soak explore the extensive Montana history of this area. For thousands of years Native American tribes have made this area home, and later explorations by Merriweather Lewis and mining discoveries created this town. Our day ends at the resort of Fairmont Hot Springs where we can soak in the hot water and celebrate our day.


Day 11 Fairmont Hot Springs, MT to Red Lodge, MT 322.0 mi / 515.2 km

Today we will continue to explore some of the pioneering history of Montana, stopping in the historical gold-mining towns of Virginia and Nevada cities. If you haven’t felt it before, you will definitely feel as if you’ve stepped back into time in the old West. Our ride will continue through the city of Bozeman, eventually turning off onto the small roads that climb towards the mountain town of Red Lodge. Get a good's night sleep, as tomorrow we tackle the Beartooth Highway and Chief Joseph passes!


Day 12 Red Lodge, MT to Cody, WY 114.0 mi / 182.4 km

Get ready to ride what many consider to be two of the top three motorcycle rides in North America, Chief Joseph and the Beartooth Pass. There is simply no way to put into words what lies ahead today. We will cruise at a nice easy speed, stopping often to capture awe inspiring photos of the scenery and glimpses of wild bear, deer, elk and antelope. When this day is over we will all look at one another with a big grin and wonder out loud if today was all just an amazing dream. We will stay tonight in the classic western town of Cody, Wyoming, once home to Buffalo Bill Cody. After dinner you can walk down the street to enjoy some local history or head to the local Cody Rodeo to watch cowboys on bucking broncos and bulls. It’s the Wild West!


Day 13 Cody, WY 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

Today is your day to explore nearby Yellowstone National Park, or simply kick up your boots and relax in Cody. Incorporated in 1901, Cody, Wyoming is located 52 miles from Yellowstone National Park's east entrance. Cody was founded by Colonel William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody who passed through the region in the 1870s. He was so impressed by the development possibilities of irrigation, rich soil, grand scenery, hunting, and proximity to Yellowstone National Park that he returned in the mid-1890s to start a town.Feel free to jump on your bike and explore Yellowstone on your own or with a small group. Yellowstone is one of the most amazing landscapes and wildlife habitats on the planet, and we hope you take time to really experience all the park has to offer. Cody also has many activities to offer - from white water rafting to experiencing the amazing Buffalo Bill or Cody Firearms museums.


Day 14 Cody, WY to Jackson, WY 220.0 mi / 352.0 km

We are running out of adjectives to describe this incredible region of the world. If you wnt to know what today's ride will be like all you have to do is think back to any of the past 11 days. Today is no different. We will wind our way through parts of Yellowstone National Park, stopping to experience the majesty of Old Faithful before turning south towards Grand Teton National Park. Our home tonight is nestled in one of the most famous and exclusive ski resort areas of the United States, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson is home to sprawling cattle ranches, celebrity estates and roaming herds of buffalo. Tonight we will enjoy the vibrant nightlife of Jackson Hole.


Day 15 Jackson, WY to Green River, WY 306.0 mi / 489.6 km

Our time together is drawing to a close in a few days, but the scenery along this route is just as uplifting and amazing as every day before. We will start our ride by descending through Snake River Gorge as we leave the Grand Teton National Park. We will briefly explore the gentle landscapes of Idaho and Utah as we travel though areas with names such as “Tin Cup Pass” and “Soda Springs.” Lunch is along the shore of the impossibly-turquoise Bear Lake before we cross the high desert of the Colorado Plateau, home to huge operations of oil and natural gas. So much country, so little time!


Day 16 Green River, WY to Steamboat Springs, CO 300.0 mi / 480.0 km

Steamboat Springs, Colorado has to most certainly be one of the most beautiful small mountain town in the United States and our destination for this evening. We will traverse the length of Flaming Gorge Reservoir, climb up into the aspens of the Rocky Mountain foothills, and pass through one of the great dinosaur discovery centers of America – Vernal, Utah. Tonight we stay on the ski-slopes where we can have drinks around a fire, or explore the bustling village that comes alive in the summer months with hikers, mountain bikers and people looking for a quiet place to unwind and recharge their batteries.


Day 17 Steamboat Springs, CO to Denver, CO 234.0 mi / 374.4 km

It seems like just yesterday that we were saddling up in Seattle and looking forward to our journey. Seventeen days seemed like forever, but today it feels like it went by in a flash. The ride is coming to a close, but there is good news. Today we ride through Rocky Mountain National Park. The EagleRider team can't think of a more spectacular and fitting end to a trip of this magnitude than a ride through the heart of the Rocky Mountains. Tonight we will enjoy one another's company one last time at our Farewell Dinner where we will raise our glasses to incredible journeys, lifelong memories, and, most important, the kind of friendships that can only be forged on the road.


Day 18 Denver, CO 0.0 mi / 0.0 km

Return Denver – Amsterdam 13.35-10.50 + 1  AMS – Dublin 12.00-12.40  

You are now part of the Celtic Horizon Tours motorcycle family, a symptom of which is that you will never look at vacations the same way again. Let's meet over breakfast to start planning next year's ride. The best time to start dreaming is now...

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Please Note:

The prices shown are subject to flight availability and are in respect of 2 pax + 1 bike sharing a twin / double room. Prices are also available on request for 2 pax + 2 bikes sharing a twin / double room, or 1 pax + 1 bike staying in a single room.


What to Bring

Warm Weather Riding Gear

* Mesh Riding Jacket
* Neck Cooler/ Bandana
* Hydration Pack

Cold Weather Riding Gear

* Leather Jacket
* Wind Proof Jacket
* Wind Proof Pants

Wet Weather Riding Gear

* Waterproof Jacket
* Waterproof Pants

Protective Riding Gear

* Goggles
* Sun Glasses
* Riding Boots
* Riding Gloves



How many people are in a group?

We allow a maximum of 15 bikes per group. At rare occasions there can be a few more bikes but if the number exceeds 15 we may add a second tour guide on a motorcycle to the group.

Will I receive some kind of information about my tour before I arrive?

A road book for each specific tour will be sent to you via email as a pdf file; the book contains all important and necessary information about your tour, route, general information, etc.

Will there be enough photo stops on a guided tour?

While one just likes to ride and is hardly to be kept off his bike another may want to stop every five minutes to get this very special photo shot. We try to find a good average of stops to accommodate everyone's needs.

Can I book additional nights before or after the tour through Celtic Horizon Tours?

Yes, we are happy to book additional accommodation before or after the tour for you. Please be aware that once an additional reservation has been made any changes or cancellation will result in a €50 handling fee per occurrence. Reservations for additional nights must be made at time of booking.

What is the weather going to be like?

If you've all been good the weather will be too...honestly, we can never be certain; this is one factor on our tours that we still haven't been able to influence. In general you can say that during mid summer months you have a 90% chance of staying dry and hot weather on any of our tours. It'll always be a little cool along the west coast and you can always expect some rain along Route 66. Please come prepared, bring your raingear and a variety of clothing to be armed for all weather conditions.

Do I have to wear a helmet?

For your own safety we require you to wear a helmet at all times when you ride a motorcycle.

Do all bikes have a windshield?

The only models that are equipped with a windshield are Electra GlideRoad Glide,Road King and Heritage SoftailGoldwing, and BMW. Especially during mid summer you will face very hot temperatures on your rides. A windshield will not only hold off dust and stones but also keep away direct hot air to your body.